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Awesome and addictive gameplay, fun to play and cute to look at. Fluffy will dance and wave at you, if you give him the food for his tummy!

Watch the panda DANCE for you when he is happy!!!:).

Spiral! Square! Infinity! draw the shapes to feed our little friend! His tummy needs it :(

Hungry Panda is a game in which food falls from the sky, yeah you saw that right, good food(hamburgers, fries, pizza, cupcakes) falls from the sky. Our little friend Fluffy is hungry and went to picnic, poor guy forgot the food. Lucky him the food is falling from the sky. Balloons will fall, attached to them there will some good good food, that fluffy wants to eat. Pop the balloon by drawing the gesture on it so they pop and the products fall in his little basket. Be careful though, some baddies will fall from the sky too, that will make our little friend sick, don't feed him that:(. If you miss a lot of food , fluffy will start crying and give up on you.Use power ups to get the highest of scores and make the $$$ to buy more power ups to make more and more $$$ and make fluffy happy.

In this game you will:
- draw certain shapes on screen to pop balloons;
- use power ups to make high scores;
- shop system;
- buy power ups;
- make them coins $$$;
- buy awesome trails;

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